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Dog Training Articles by Sasha Futran

On Food, Freezers, and Healthier Dogs
Home cooking for your dog
Bay Woof, September 2007

Curing Vet Phobia
Good Dog Training Column: Dog training tips on getting your dog to enjoy going to the vet and other places.
Bay Woof, April 2007

Dear Madame Good Dog!
Column on getting the most out of your dog training class.
The Woofer Times, October 2006

Give Me That Old-Time Religion
A church that invites dogs to every Sunday service and dog training tips on going places with your dogs and keeping them on good doggy behavior. The Woofer Times, May 2006

Dear Madame Good Dog!
Plan Ahead for "Travels with Charley," a column loaded with dog training tips for happy, safe traveling with your dog.
The Woofer Times, April 2006

Dog Talk: Canine Body Language
How to improve dog-human communication for positive, easy, and effective dog training.
The Woofer Times, February 2006

A Shot in the Dark: New Guidelines for Canine Vaccinations
Takes a look at whether we are over-vaccinating our dogs
The Woofer Times, October 2005

It Lights Up My Life: Save the Albany Bulb
Column about saving an off-leash dog park with a handful of dog training tips as well.
The Woofer Times, July 2005

Dear Madame Good Dog!
Dog training column on how to get your dog to come when called. Sasha Futran is a dog recall expert who gives regular workshops in recall. See Come, Spot, Come on the dog training page on this website.
The Woofer Times, June 2005

A Day in the Life of a Dog Walker
Includes training tips for off-leash dog trainng and trouble-free dog outings.
The Woofer Times, May 2005

Doris, champion of dog owners in fight for dog park
Story of founding and fighting for the first dog park in the country, Berkeley's Ohlone Dog Park
K9 Perspective, 2001

Articles about Sasha Futran

Dog Trainer Realizes her Longtime Calling
Contra Costa Times News Group, September 27, 2005

Helpful Handouts

Treat 'em right!
A delicious and inexpensive mix of treats you can throw together quickly for dog training rewards.

Positive Reinforcement
How positive reinforcement dog training works and the important steps to remember.

In the Company of Dogs (Cats, too)
A web site by Tabitha Granshaw